We are so excited to have our new blog up. Many many thanks to Katie of Chelle Paperie and her husband Ben Kutil of Make Things Studio for pulling this all together for me. It looks like this will be a great place for me to spout off about flowers, the industry and anything else that comes to mind. It’s my own personal soap box–as my husband would say–and I’m thrilled to have it.
Last week we met with a ton of new brides. Every one of them was a pleasure to spend time with and every one of them is planning a wedding with a completely unique and individual feel about it. One thing I did notice is that there is an awful lot of “purple” going on next year! But each bride is using it in a different way. Some want a purple to red palette and some want a purple to pink palette. Some are looking at true purples and others are thinking along the lines of eggplant. One caution to all purple brides–purple doesn’t always photograph “true.” Even under the best of conditions you may find purple looking blue so make sure you’re working with a good photographer who knows how fickle this color can be.

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