We recently had the pleasure once again of working with the incredible team of PW Feats. We love these guys. Not only are they professional and creative, they’re a lot of fun, too. These guys don’t just manage an event, they bring in all the bells and whistles that turn it into something really special, even spectacular. From gorgeous fantasy weddings to amazing corporate events, PW Feats has let us ride on their awesome shirt tails since we first opened two years ago.

Last weekend we worked with them on the florals for a Gala for Shock Trauma that was held at the Baltimore Convention Center. The centerpieces were simple bubble bowls filled with gorgeous Circus Roses. This is a fabuloous rose because it blows wide open right away but continues to last for a week or more. The more it opens the more it reveals its vibrancy. It’s a stunner. We did 270 centerpieces and each bowl had roughly 14 roses in it–do the math. We had more than 2300 of these beautiful roses in our studio. They were everywhere…

 I couldn’t have been more proud of our team. Every single piece was beautiful. You always worry when you’re doing a lot of a single design. It’s easy to get tired and adopt that “it’s good enough” attitude. But our team of Debbie, Susie, Sharon and Kristen never let up and they took ownership of each and every piece they turned out.

 The result was 270 perfectly gorgeous bowls of Circus Roses that we packed up, delivered to the Convention Center,  and set up.  Imagine these flowers on black tablecloths–270 of them. I love when it all comes together and the client is thrilled with the final look. Thanks, PW Feats, for once again letting us be part of your vision!



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