>It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted since April 29, but then again, it has been the busiest wedding season we have had thus far. When you add proms and graduations to the mix–it’s been a whirlwind of activity. And we couldn’t be more grateful–or exhausted. We have a brief respite right now, with only one wedding next weekend, so I slipped away for a few days to focus on paperwork, and all the little things you just don’t get to you when you’re in the thick of the busy season.

However, last weekend we had three weddings and each one was different. Jenna used vintage bottles, many in cobalt blue and we filled them with splashes of bright orange and fuchsia with a light touch of pale blue. They were outstanding in the gardens and on on the tables at 4 E. Madison where both the ceremony and the reception were held. We will post photos as soon as they are available. Bonita had a traditional Tiffany Blue and Chocolate Brown wedding with stylized clutches of GIANT local calla for her maids and blue crystal balls on crystal stands for her tables–again, beautiful. The flowergirls’ pomander balls were among the sweetest we’ve ever made.

Jennifer, with an artistic eye, a willingness to take a few chances, and having made a huge leap of faith with me, envisioned a beautiful garden wedding at The Maryvale Castle.  When she first came to me with some of her ideas, I was very excited, but to be honest, her mom was a little skeptical. Admittedly, it is sometimes hard to imagine the look of blending a vintage garden theme with just the rights elements so that it doesn’t end up looking like the set of “Sanford & Son” or a poorly done Flea Market. But Mom-of-the-bride Patti left me a sweet email this morning saying “I wanted to tell you that the flowers were GORGEOUS…Thank you so much and you were right, I would love them. I loved them so much I took four of the centerpieces…seriously wanted to take all the flowers home with me…but they wouldn’t fit in my car.”

Patti also took a class with me earlier this spring, claiming she loves flowers and always wanted to learn flower arranging, but I have a hunch she was checking me out to see if both her daughter and I had lost our minds and if her beautiful daughter’s wedding was going to end up looking like Anthropology exploded all over the grounds of Maryvale. I can’t blame her a bit, but she had nothing to fear. The flowers were stunning!

What I liked best about working with Jennifer–and what I like best about so many of the brides I work with, is that she had total faith in the fact that my vision would meld with hers. In this way, and because I got to know her and have a sense for her personal aesthetic, I was able to exercise creative freedom, and even tuck in a few surprises along the way–like the bee in bouquet that she adored but that came as a total surprise.  (He’s on the right, just above the hypericum berry cluster). The boutonnieure was another fun surprise. Jennifer wanted fun and funky, but natural and garden-themed. I found a petite faux bird nest and egg and just had to work it into the bout for her groom.

The table pieces were created in vintage compotes and every table was different. Many had clusters of pieces and some featured a single piece, but the best part was tucking small surprises into some of them. If you looked very carefully you might find a butterfly resting, a dragonfly hovering, a bee tucked into a blossom, a ladybug spreading her wings–and even a cricket nestled at the base of one of the compotes.

 We had such fun creating these beautiful pieces for Jennifer and her new husband.  During the set-up we asked Katie of Chelle Paperie–who happens to be a spectacular photographer as well as a paper and printing genius and a budding floral designer– to snap a few of these pictures. While we can’t post pics of the bride and groom yet, we will as soon as we get copies from the official wedding photographer. But in the meantime, I love to imagine what Jennifer was thinking when she walked into the bridal suite at Maryvale Castle and saw her bouquets for the first time…


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