We love the fact that we are able to get many of our flowers from local growers and markets. It’s better for the earth, better for our customers, and always better for our communities. One of our favorite suppliers is Fischer’s Greenhouse. We discovered David Fischer and his absolutely regal and breathtaking Calla lilies last year and have been fans ever since. David has a farm in Kingsville where he grows these gorgeous Callas as well as beautiful Anemones and some of the biggest Snapdragons I have ever seen.

Yesterday we got a last minute job that necessitated a spur of the moment trip out to Dave’s farm. Usually Dave delivers his gorgeous blossoms on Tuesday mornings, but we needed the Anemones and Callas for a last minute job.

The weather was so beautiful and Katie had everything completely under control back at the studio so it was a great excuse for me to make the run and pick up the flowers we needed. I rolled down the windows, turned up the radio and headed out to Kingsville. You actually go through a covered bridge on the way and from there it’s less than another country mile to Dave’s farm. If it were open to the public I’d be the first to tell you how to get there. But it’s not, and you can’t just go wandering around the place at will, but I did anyway. In spite of the numerous greenhouses, it’s a pretty quiet operation and I wandered around for awhile before I found Dave. I stumbled upon these beauties first when I went into the first barn. Dave had just cut them that morning.

I was lucky enough to get a tour and I discovered that Dave grows more than just Callas, Snaps, and Anemones. There are potted Ranunculus, Gerbers, and hanging pots of geraniums and Petunias–all of which I can’t wait to get our hands on in the coming months! Though I had seen smaller Callas growing as plants in pots and gardens, I had never actually seen the giant varieties. And I’d grown so accustomed to seeing them without any foliage that I was somewhat taken aback at first to see how lush the plants actually are. In the photo here your can see just one Lily. The foliage, however, is mammoth!

My assignment included picking up 80 white Anemones (the gorgeous ones with the black-purple centers) for a University of Maryland job. Can’t wait to post the pics on Monday!

I wish I could send everyone out to Dave Fischer’s Greenhouse, but I can’t. The next best thing, however, would be to stop in and check out his absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous flowers–arriving fresh cut every Tuesday morning at The Floral Studio!


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