Gorgeous Garden Wedding in Monkton

The wedding was right around the corner and everything was falling into place. The bride, armed with a beautiful vision and more than enough talent to pull it off, had taken care of every detail–except for one. She just couldn’t find the right florist to pull together the incredible clean, crisp garden look she was going for. As luck would have it, we were asked to do her wedding shower florals only two weeks before her wedding and within hours of the shower, we had ourselves a wonderful new client and less than two weeks to pull together one of the prettiest weddings we  have ever been a part of.  The style was garden party with punches of delicate sherbert-like color.  Some of the work was built in-house, but a lot of what we did had to be built on site.  Here are just some of the images from our set up on the wedding day. The bride’s family home in Monkton  was absolutely lovely and served as the perfect backdrop for a picture-perfect wedding. It reminded me of an English Village with small outbuildings and unique architectural details, statuary in the various gardens, hedgerows reminiscent of a garden maze, paths and walkways, arbors–really a wonderful place. We will certainly post more pictures but wanted to get these few up right away!


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