We moved!

As many of you know, we recently closed our very adorable studio on Falls Road and moved The Floral Studio back to its beginnings–my home in Roland Park. I love it–being back home–and my new remodeled studio space here is perfect. Now that we’re settled in and gearing up for a very busy spring, I thought I’d post a little information about the “why, how, and what-now” of our business.

Last year was an extremely successful year for us—our best yet and I am so proud of the work we do and I love my studio.  The decision to move, eliminate our retail division, and scale back slightly on the number of events we produce was a most difficult one.

It isn’t often that a young  business wants to actually stop growing. And at the same time, I didn’t want to reduce my workload to the point that it felt more like a hobby than a job. I like working. I like what I do and the fabulous staff I have been lucky enough to work with, and I like owning a business that is profitable, fair to its employees, ethical, creative and knowledgeable.  The irony of it all was that, as my business continued to grow, I was finding it easier to get further and further away from my original plan of being a small “boutique” florist with fresh ideas, gorgeous designs, and the luxury of being truly committed to each event we produced.

We moved March 1st and there are no regrets. So  far the move has been inspiring and invigorating for all of us–giving us an opportunity to clean house (literally–everything is sparkling around here), reorganize, and even rethink some of the ways we work together creatively, as a team, and on site.

So what does all of this mean for our customers? Short of an address change and the elimination of our retail sales, nothing much will change other than you will be working with a more rested and happier designer! While we no longer have regular office hours, we are always available by appointment and a quick phone call is all that’s needed to make sure one of us is here to greet you.

We will continue to produce beautiful holiday pieces, including our stunning Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Holiday centerpieces and our remarkable Blooming Topiary for which we are so well know; and we will continue to create Cotillon bouquets, but will limit our total to 100 bouquets just as we did in 2011 (so please order early!). We will still schedule installation of holiday décor and we will still teach classes in our new studio. And I will certainly  remain available for meetings, be they scheduled or impromptu. Of course, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our new studio where you will likely find me, Jen, Flori or Katie knee-deep in flowers!

As for our Floral Studio mascots, Jack and Bob, have no fear. Bob went home with Susie where he is busy bossing around both her and her Golden Retriever, and Jack is back home with me and very excited to be hanging out with my husband again. Both Jack and Bob are  happy, fat, and sassy–some things will never change…


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