I completely understand that my posts should have a whole lot to do with “flower stuff” and less to do with my personal life, but since moving the studio back home again, the two have started to meld together in some really wonderful ways and sometimes the lines are a bit blurred. It is in this spirit that I am compelled to introduce the newest member of the Floral Studio “pet patrol.”


Many of out clients had the pleasure of meeting Jack the rabbit and Bob the cat at our Falls Road studio. We love them both and moving the studio back home posed a few challenges for them. But Susie had captured Bob’s heart from the moment she walked into the studio 3 years ago (it might have something to do with the fact that she shared her lunch with him everyday) and so it seemed natural that he should go home with her. He did and he couldn’t be happier. The only thing missing in Bob’s life was a warm human’s  bed to crawl into at night, and Susie was all too happy to accommodate him. And the good news is that I think her husband is going to be speaking to me again in the future–maybe not the NEAR future, but someday.


Jack came back home with me and this was his old stomping ground so he settled in quickly and seemed especially happy to have my husband around more. Jack ended up at our Falls Road Studio in the first place because when our German Shepherd died four years ago Jack fell into such a funk that he wouldn’t even come out of his cage. He was a sad rabbit and being with us at the studio really brought him back to life.

                                                                                                      JACK AND JOHN

Having lost our much-loved shepherd four years ago, we have been dog-less the last few years, and with our ridiculous schedule and hours, it didn’t seem to make sense to bring in another dog. But I have certainly been having puppy cravings –much like those baby cravings that arrive just when your teenagers are driving you nuts and you think maybe you should have one more baby just to prove you can raise a human being properly.

So we toyed with puppy and dog adoption but before anything came to fruition my husband was back at the beach running his business and I was running back and forth and knee-deep in wedding season and the plan was just to wait until fall when things would settle down again. But my son Jamie is of the more impulsive persuasion and he was having none of it. His beautiful dog Myla is a truly amazing animal and Jamie is an  incredibly responsible and committed  dog owner and he was on our case to adopt a dog–NOW–and the kid never did understand the concept of “wait–not now-no-maybe later.”

                                                                                                  JAMIE”S BEAUTIFUL MYLA

Leave it to Jamie to just happen to be driving through an LA ghetto where, as he describes it–mangie, hungry, beat-up dogs were running everywhere, and one very special pup caught his eye. “Sydney” was running around looking pretty mangie herself, flea-bitten, frightened, with a scratched eye and a fear of human hands but somehow Jamie couldn’t resist and he pulled over and coaxed her to come to him. She didn’t like raised hands or raised voices and she definitely was homeless and hungry. So Jamie brought her home, cleaned her up, took her to the vet–and called us to say he had found the perfect dog for us.

What can I say about her other than she is a joy. It wasn’t easy to get this little four-month-old puppy to the east coast. It seems that airlines, for the most part, will not fly a dog or puppy with ANY pit bull in it. And if you can pardon me for just a moment while I climb up on my soap box–that is ridiculous. This pup is the sweetest, most adorable, most gentle animal I have ever had the joy of  raising and to think that potential adoptions of these MIXED breed dogs could be impeded because of this stupid breed paranoia is a bit disturbing. In fact, Sydney and Jack have become very good friends in just the few days Sydney has been here. Really, when you think about it, if this little pit bull-mix pup can snuggle up to a free-roaming house rabbit, I hardly think we have to worry about her temperament. Now, I will climb back OFF the soapbox and simply say that Sydney is loving her Floral Studio time. She rejoices when each and every employee shows up at the studio and is also eager to snuggle with anyone making a floral delivery. She is our newest member and we are absolutely delighted to have her with us. Can’t wait for  you to meet her!