Emily was a lucky bride–no doubt. Her beautiful wedding was scheduled to take place on July 1st, but two days earlier Baltimore was hit by a heat wave, high winds and a devastating thunderstorm that left most of my Roland Park neighborhood without power. At the time, my home studio’s cooler was filled to overflowing with a gorgeous array of freshly processed flowers all destined to become a part of her beautiful wedding at The Geo. W. Peabody Library.

I lay in bed the night of the storm listening to thunder and falling trees and brainstormed about a back-up plan should I lose power. Unbelievably, a tree fell in my yard, ripped the cable of wires off the side of my  house and snapped phone lines and yet, somehow or other I still had power, barely, by way of dangling wires on the side of my house!

We managed to keep power over the next two days and in spite of the  102 heat that had us moving at snail’s pace, we put together an absolutely stunning, magical, romantic wedding for Emily. From the birdbath centerpieces to the floral-draped chuppah to the  tiniest touches such as pew markers and cocktail tables, everything was perfectly lovely and made for a truly enchanting evening for a very lucky bride!


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