It has been an amazing year for us here at The Floral Studio. As a small shop committed to working closely with each and every one of our brides to help them create the wedding day of their dreams, we have had to limit ourselves to only two weddings per weekend–and so I am amazed to look back and find that we still did nearly 60 weddings last year as well as a number of large parties and corporate events. We were BUSY! And we enjoyed every minute of it. I have one of the world’s best jobs and while I stress a bit over color and delivery and quality and all of those things my brides pay me to worry about, I am happy to say that we did an amazing job across the board and were lucky to have worked with great brides, great families and really terrific vendors in planning, catering, photography, venue management, and lighting. To follow are just a few of my favorites from this year. There are so many to choose from so I will definitely post more later, but I hate to think of 2014 slipping away before I got some of these beautiful photographs out there!

015-PaceTrott_00619-0133_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_Grand-Historic-Venue-Baltimore-wedding_Baltimore-wedding-photographer_Baltimore-wedding-photography PaceTrott_02269-0515_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_Grand-Historic-Venue-Baltimore-wedding_Baltimore-wedding-photographer_Baltimore-wedding-photography (1) 063-PaceTrott_02165-0497_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_Grand-Historic-Venue-Baltimore-wedding_Baltimore-wedding-photographer_Baltimore-wedding-photography 065-PaceTrott_02246-0509_JenniferMcMenaminPhotography_Grand-Historic-Venue-Baltimore-wedding_Baltimore-wedding-photographer_Baltimore-wedding-photography unnamed-1 unnamed-3 The Wedding of Brittany and John The Wedding of Brittany and John View More: http://kristaajones.pass.us/slater View More: http://kristaajones.pass.us/slater wEIn-W1Xhd6Axe1jHQrcQYDnhmN4f8ARaMu357Lky9g 14528099460_440f9d6b67_z 14528109520_8bc08dccfc_z IMG_2189 42aleckellyceremony 78aleckellytogether 47aleckellydetails(1) 33aleckellybridalThe  last few are from my daughter’s wedding in October. THAT was a magical day. More of those to come in a later post. (I struggle with picking the best from over 750 photos by Chelsea Hudson Photography). I can do it–More later!